Extracurricular activities

I don’t get it.  I am a married, female executive.  Will somebody explain to me WHY NOW all these men feel compelled to hit on me?  I am perplexed.  I don’t want to sound conceited or full of myself.  It’s not that I think I am that great, by any means.  In fact, I have put on a significant amount of weight since my single days…  But here is the simple fact:  right now, if I felt so behooved to cheat on my husband, I can choose one of four men to hop in the sack with at any moment.

Again, I ask:  what the hell is that?

When I was single, I was running, significantly thinner and not working nearly as much.  I was way more available, physically and figuratively.  But for some reason now I have these dudes hitting on me via e-mail or text message (gotta love modern technology), which just blows my mind.  I absolutely do NOT get it.

Let’s try some statistical  & theoretical analysis here:

1)  Stat #1:  Three are married and one is single.

I am wondering if once you get married, the other bored married men start to do some extracurricular outreach?  Is that it?  Maybe they figure you are less likely to show up at their house confronting their wife if you have your own gig going?  Where a single woman might? 

Again, what the hell is that?

2)  Stat #2:  I am President of my company.

Somebody told me once that I have a renewed confidence in my new position that I was missing before and that confidence is attractive.  Is that it?  Is that all I needed back in my single days?  Some imaginary confidence I didn’t know existed in the first place?

3)  Stat #3:  I work with all of these men in one capacity or another.

So is it a professional thing?  Again, I don’t consider myself hot.  The only guys trying to hit on me at random sighting are usually drunk, homeless guys I see walking the streets of downtown.  I never get any random stranger approaching in say, a restaurant, telling me I am so beautiful he can’t stand it.

But that shit comes over text message after somebody gets to know me.

Again, what the hell is that?

4)  Stat #4:  These guys are all out of town, and I only see one of them on a routine basis.

So distance must be a safety factor?  It’s not like dudes in my immediate area are coming after me.  All of these guys are over 2-3 hours in driving distance from me.  Which is good, since this minimizes the chances of a drunken encounter! 

If there are any women out there that know what the hell I am talking about, please chime in.  And I will take any advice you have available!  Because while I find it immensely flattering, it is also immensely annoying.



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