Women Work?

Throughout my short career, I have had a pretty strong sense that women work harder than men.  This is not some nutty, femi-nazi statement meant to piss off old, white guys.  This is merely an observation I have made over the years, working on Friday nights, or any weekday night for that matter.  Or even weekend!  When you look around, there is nothing left but women.

This has never really frustrated me, unless I found out that the first dude to bail had a larger salary than I do.  Then IT WOULD PISS ME OFF! 

That said, I also think women are immensely more efficient than men.  Mostly because professional women don’t spend the time to bullshit with each other.  So in that regard, here is a recent photo a girlfriend of mine sent me (I call her ‘mini-me’.).  Enjoy!



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